When I reflect on my journey, I can’t help but acknowledge the transformative power of pursuing one’s true passion. As an ambitious 18-year-old, I started my career in the corporate world of banking. Back then, I was highly driven, untainted by others’ thoughts and opinions, and blissfully unaware of the challenges that lay ahead. It was this mindset that saw me quickly climb up the corporate ladder, achieving remarkable results in my early 20s. However, a diagnosis of Endometritis in my mid-twenties forced me to pause and truly assess the toll the corporate world was taking on me. This was just the first of many wake-up calls that eventually led me to discover my true passion: coaching, leading, growing, and mentoring individuals towards personal and business success.

To truly appreciate the triumphs and trials that have shaped my personal and professional life, let me take you back to the beginning.

As I mentioned earlier, I dove headfirst into banking at the age of 18. From day one, I was determined to make the most of the opportunity. A combination of my natural leadership abilities, unwavering commitment to exceeding my KPIs, and the support and encouragement of my manager propelled me into my first leadership role at a mere 20 years old. Surpassing peers who were twenty years my senior and had been with the company for over 15 more years.

At the time, I never stopped to question how or why I had achieved this role over my more experienced colleagues. I simply believed in my ability to succeed and charged ahead. Managing people who had missed out on the promotion and possessed far more experience and age than me never made me second-guess myself. Ah, the blissful ignorance of being 20 and blissfully self-absorbed! I wish I had clung to that confidence and shielded myself from the doubts and opinions of others that I allowed to grow over the coming years; maybe then I would have reached my destination sooner.

Within a short 18 months of my first management role, I achieved significant improvements in my team’s performance, achieving a staggering 300% increase. In addition, I implemented several policies and procedures that reduced the bank’s risk and improved my team’s efficiency and effectiveness. These achievements saw me promoted to the role of Branch Manager, once again surpassing older and seemingly more deserving peers.

Despite the doubts I faced and the adversity that came my way, I was determined to succeed. Over several years, I transformed numerous underperforming branches into thriving businesses that exceeded KPIs, achieved exceptional customer experience results and had teams of highly engaged employees. In recognition of my achievements, I was awarded the prestigious Alfred Davidson Award in 2009, an honour awarded to the top 1% of employees annually. Not too shabby for a company with over 30,000 employees at the time.

Professionally, I had some huge success during this time of my life, I felt so accomplished and valued. However, it was in my mid-twenties that I encountered my first major setback. Initially admitted to the hospital with expected appendicitis, I was shocked to be diagnosed with Endometriosis, which had already spread beyond my uterus to my other organs, including my bowel.

This diagnosis forced me to re-evaluate my priorities, reassess where my life was going and slow down. I had dedicated myself so fiercely to a career in an industry that I had no real passion for. I was burnt out. The pressures of the corporate world and the sky-high expectations I placed on myself had taken a toll I hadn’t fully recognised at the time. What had seemed like a highly successful phase in my life and career had left a negative impact on not just myself but also my relationship, family, and friendships. Sadly, I was so deep in it all that I didn’t even see the damage that was being done.

After being blessed with two beautiful daughters in 2012 & 2014, I never returned to the banking industry or corporate world. Instead, I sought to fill the void by starting an online e-commerce business, which turned out to be incredibly successful. During that time, my love for digital marketing, particularly social media marketing, flourished. I cultivated an online following of over 33,000, which consistently drove sales and sustained my business.

Despite all the external success, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being lost and disconnected from myself. I had no energy for myself or my family, and worst of all, I found myself falling back into old habits of pushing myself to burnout for something that didn’t truly ignite my passion.

That’s when I knew things had to change. I couldn’t continue riding the waves of life, feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from my true self. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, my first profound awakening for my fellow “Woo Woo” friends. I invested thousands into working with incredible coaches and furthering my education and skills in areas that genuinely sparked my passion. I delved deep into answering those crucial questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What truly lights up my soul, and how can I use my strengths to create fulfilment for myself and help others?

Over the next few years, my journey took me on winding paths as I explored my values, purpose, and passion. I made the decision to close my online e-commerce business and combine my digital marketing expertise with my passion for coaching. This fusion gave birth to my Social Media business, where I successfully assisted clients in growing their social media followings and businesses authentically and organically without the constant hustle. No longer did they need to be posting multiple times a day or relying on paid ads. Instead, I guided them towards genuine connections, refined communication, and a clear understanding of their unique offerings.

As I continued to work on myself, I encountered numerous challenges and lessons that helped me overcome limiting beliefs, heal past traumas, and align with my true passion and purpose—something that resonated with my values and the life I yearned to create.

At the end of 2021, the universe presented me with a test—a carrot dangling before me. The old version of myself couldn’t resist the opportunity to prove my worth and skills, so I took a detour and stepped into the role of Operations Manager. While some might view this as a ‘wrong decision,’ my life philosophy is to have faith. I trust that everything happens for a reason and in divine timing.

During this time, I had the chance to reconnect with my old passions and skill set in operations management, policy and procedure implementation, and team and performance management. I further enhanced my digital marketing skills and, above all, learned more about myself. But most importantly, this experience solidified my ultimate passion and purpose.

After experiencing a traumatic catalyst event in October 2022 that completely disrupted my world, I embarked on my second awakening. Now, in 2023, I am ready to step into my power, fully embracing and embodying my most authentic self.

You see, I started my career as a young woman driven solely by success and the accolades that accompanied it. However, along the way, I’ve discovered that true success and fulfilment lie in pursuing one’s passion and investing in oneself.

My personal journey of self-discovery and growth has revealed the immense value of self-investment and the pursuit of one’s true calling. As a business and life coach, I am now dedicated to leveraging my experience and expertise to help other soul-led women unlock the magic within themselves, paving the way for success on their own terms, and creating the lives they’ve always dreamed of through transformative personal and professional growth.

If you’re a soul-led woman yearning to escape career burnout and seeking to create a life of alignment and fulfilment, I invite you to join me on this remarkable journey. Together, we’ll navigate the path of self-discovery, identify your passions, and leverage your unique strengths to craft a business or successful career that aligns with your soul’s desires. No more stress, constant hustle, grind, and burnout. Instead, we’ll cultivate a lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.

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